Track Maintenance Programs
Many clubs rely on their volunteers to improve and maintain their tracks. This however puts considerable pressure on these people with the track, club sessions and racing events taking over their lives. You then find that what began as a hobby or sport can turn into a chore. Hence the volunteers lose interest and the club losses valuable members. It is advisable to incorporate a maintenance program with a contractor enabling the volunteers more free time to pursue the day to day running of the club.
Grass Cutting: This could be incorporated with the local authorities general parks and recreation maintenance program.
Track Maintenance: Tracks will incur a lot of wear and tear with constant use and consequently the surface will erode away. Therefore the top coating of dust will need resurfacing. It is advisable to re-dust and compact the track surface every 4 months or as needed.
Track Alterations: Generally most tracks have some settlement once built. Some jumps lose their sharpness and may need re-shaping. After some time, the riders conquer the difficult jumps and get bored of the same old thing. To keep their interest it may pay you to make some jumps alterations. Perhaps one or two different combinations a year may suffice. Your club volunteers could do this work as this helps to keep their interest and incorporates their own ideas. This will help keep their interest rather than the mundane task of general maintenance.
Trax build quality BMX tracks and offer a full maintenance and alteration program with almost 20 years experience in the field.
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