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Welcome to our specialist BMX track building website.

Building a BMX track for BMX racing requires careful consideration and preparation.

BMX racing is a fast and exciting sport, whilst maintaining an excellent safety record. Therefore it is in the
best interest of the sport, and local authorities, that you use a BC BMX Commission approved track consultant from the start.

TRAX has almost 20 years experience in the field of BMX track building and can provide the necessary information and advice right from the start, through to the end of the project.

A properly planned BMX track will provide a safe and inexpensive facility, which will add value to the community. There are several track options available when considering building a BMX track and each one can be tailored to suit your requirements. 

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1996 World Championship Track at Brighton UK - Click Here!

Visit our portfolio section too see a wide selection of BMX tracks built by Trax.
Play Track Case Study
Take a look at our case study of building a typical option 2 play track.
Track Options
Look at the range of different BMX tracks possibilities, one of which could be designed to suit your needs.
Gates & Jumps
Bespoke gate and jump designs available to give your BMX track a unique appeal. 



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